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Weekly Update February 24, 2017

This Week The bill deadline came and passed and we have 2,495 bills introduced for the legislative session. Last Friday alone, there were over 800 bills introduced. Without a doubt, the worst bill of all 2,495 is AB 1506, by Santa Monica Assemblyman Richard Bloom that would repeal Costa-Hawkins. This weekly report is [...]

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Sacramento News February 17, 2017

This Week Sacramento News February 17, 2017 This Week Today’s deadline for bill introductions has been a priority for everyone here in Sacramento. Legislators must decide what bills to author and the lobbyists get a new batch of bills to analyze every day. As of Thursday, there were 1750 bills introduced. The average [...]

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Vote No on Measure S

VOTE NO ON MEASURE S! We need more, not less, housing. By reverting to decades-old density requirements, it makes it virtually impossible to build new, adequate, and affordable housing. This initiative will block efforts to build more market rate housing, affordable housing and will dramatically increase housing costs. By severely restricting the supply of [...]

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Sacramento News – February 10, 2017

This Week The rumor mill is churning in Sacramento. A week from today is the deadline to introduce legislation for 2017. We have heard new rumors this week of a bill on rent control, Prop 13 reform and lowering voter threshold on parcel taxes. The CalTax Tax Coalition meets regularly to share information [...]

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Sacramento News – February 3, 2017

This Week The Democratic controlled (super-majority) Legislature is apoplectic about the President's immigration plan. This has resulted in a frenzy of immigrant protection bill introductions.. This morning Asm. David Chiu (D – San Francisco) introduced AB 291, the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act of 2017. According to the author, the bill would protect tenants [...]

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